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Many of us know that if we want to decrease or eliminate our stress when it comes to money, we need to spend less. But this is easier said than done. If it were easy, no one would have to rely on overdraft to cover bills from one month to another; no one would be in debt, stressing out over money, fearing tomorrow and living in a state of deprivation.

The world is financially sick. Endless numbers of people are living in an unbalanced and broken relationship with their money. Our western culture and economic system encourages people to surrender their lives to the almighty dollar. Many people believe that without money, they won’t be able to achieve peace, health or happiness.

Today, an endless number of commission salespersons are selling financial products (a line of credit, a mortgage, investment in a mutual fund, insurance policy, etc…) Salespeople are paid a commission on what they sell; which is pretty much the extent of their value within a company.

Money coaches, on the other hand, don’t sell products. They change people’s lives and are, as a result, always in high demand.

As a Certified Money Coach, you will be able to:

  • Change people’s lives positively
  • help people connect with their childhood baggage and their limiting money beliefs
  • Help people put an end to their money anxiety, debunk the impacts of their false money beliefs and resolve any money conflicts in their lives
  • Make a life-changing impact on individuals and families and show them how toestablish a healthy relationship with money and build a solid, sustainable financial future.

As a Certified Money Coach, you can stop this insanity in people’s lives.

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