Group Training, mentoring and certification for Financial Services firms

Financial services firms (e.g., Mortgage brokerage houses, financial advisers, boutique selling one or two financial products, etc…) that want to transform their businesses from one or two financial products offering and desire to offer comprehensive money coaching and cash flow and debt management services, we have a tailored program for you.

We will customize our money coaching training program, mentoring and certification program to support your firm growth plan. We are opened to the concept of train the trainer program if your firm has plan to train more people within your organization.

We will customize our core money coach training, mentoring and Certification Program to cater to the need of your business.

The following is a summary of benefits of bringing money coaching and cash flow and debt management services into your firm:

  • Offer much needed products to its existing business
  • Generate more for less
  • Conduct effective marketing to their existing clients
  • Bring much needed increase in the firm sales
  • Attract and retain key employees

We will customize and train your team take the training to your area. For more details, kindly request more information.

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